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Achieved the August 5, 2001

Arnaud Van Schevensteen’s latest performance

  • Discipline : Motor sports > Automotive
  • Disability :
  • Set by : Arnaud Van Schevensteen
  • Nationality : Belgian
  • Location : The Spa 24hr Grand Touring race

The one-legged pilot had to fix his gearbox on his own to go on racing!

Francorchamps, Belgium
Yesterday we told you about one-legged Arnaud Van Schevensteen’s newest challenge:
Straight off the Mont Blanc slopes, he stepped into a 600hp Lamborghini to tackle the Spa 24hr Grand Touring race.

How did the first hours of this new challenge go?

Out of incredible badluck, just as he sat in the driver seat, following his team mates, Pascal Witmeur & Jean-Pol Libert, the Lamborghini’s gearbox broke.
He had not driven a single meter down the track itself, just 20 meters or so down the deceleration lane.
As the car stopped before the pit, the crowd gathered around but the race officials were looking out: forbidden to anyone, and of course, particularly the mechanics, to touch the car.

The rules stipulate that only the driver can work on the car, without any external help or material.

So courageous Arnaud tried his best to fix his supercar.
Impossible task.
But with the few tools he had on board and with the advice from his mechanics he took the shifter apart to try and shift to a gear.

His team mates along with the public behind the fences cheered and encouraged him and after an hour’s strive, he managed to shift into second gear, restart the car and go around the track wihtout changing gear.

Yet another amazing performance from Arnaud!
He managed to bring the car back to its pit where his mechanics could finally take over.

But without a miracle and in spite of perseverance, this nice project went to waste.
Why couldn’t the mechanics help?
In such conditions, the race officials really could have made an exception:
there was no ranking at stake, just the will for man to push the boundaries of achievement further, no matter what his handicap be.

The race officials all sang as a choir : Rules are Rules !
Not really Mr Race officials...if it were so, why were the Marcos (a car that did not even do the day or night tryouts) & 5 other cars that didnt make the cut on the starting grid?

Ehandicapworldrecords.org wishes to thank RTL-TVI for giving us the following coverage of the event

Article from la Dernière Heure dated 05.08.2001.

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