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Achieved the June 26, 2008

He is now a tetraplegic,he will never recover but decided to fight on.

  • Discipline : Wheelchair sport > Road-Trip
  • Disability : Tetraplégic C6
  • Set by : M. Samuel Marie
  • Nationality : French
  • Location : Earth Planet

June 26th 2008 ,that morning he was clearing undergrowth at the foot of the citadel of Besançon. A hole, a fall flat on his face,no move.Samuel Marie had just turned 20.The doctors'verdict was final: tetraplegia.His body will never recover but he decided to start fighting.

What sense will this wild  headed young man give to his life now he vho had been a confirmed sportsman always looking for movement and freedom? For 4 years he has been waiting in the aseptised prisons of hospitals and reeducation centres, he has been operated on many times to try and regain some mobility in his arms,a minimumof autonomy.During these long months he has prepared his evasion for fareaway.

Samuel dreamed of infinite spaces and challenges. No one would set him any limits.He launched his broken body into a mad plan.He promised himself to celebrate lis thirtieth birthday alone, at the other end of the world. 

To make his dreams come true he needed a companion :a lorry as  a refuge.Unexpectedly, against all prejudices,  he managed to convince his family first then his partners. He gave a name to his adventure :Sam rolls on! 

First a 6 months road trip through Canada and the United States, then a 4 months raid Paris Pekin Istanbul .

In 2018 he made a 75000 km ride through 22 countries.To give a meaning to his trip he wanted to see how people with a handicap lived outside his borders ,he wanted to collect good practices and meet reseachers who had gone beyond the lines in that field. He could count on the support of 3 voluntary male nurses relaying each other on his sides to help him in his daily gestures and also with the help of his love Lisa who had agreed to follow him during the second part of his mad epic.

For months along he had to face many obstacles on his road: a car breakdown north of the Arctic pole, a heatwave in China which nearly killed him , health problems affecting his fragilized body and his car getting stuck  on the road.

He has seen hell on earth but he has also discovered treasures,natural and human beauties.He has met wonderful people and solidarity expressed on all the continents.Back home,how does he look upon the world, upon himself? Ten years after his accident  he has trangressed all the pronostics and proved that all is possible.He sees his life far ahead of him.Samuel Marie will go on pushing his limits.

The story of a guy that can inspire us.

A book will soon be published.

Pictures of the feat