Thursday 9 February 2017

> The Dauphin of Corsica on the tracks of the Comte Monte Cristo.

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Next autumn, meteo permitting, Thierry Corbalan, amputated of 2 arms will be pushing back his limits.

We all remember that on September 30, 2012 Thierry Corbalan had managed to cross the isle between Elbe and Bastia, short of 60Kms in 15 h 50.

While swimming, and at the strength of his mono-palme, le Corsican Dolphin will this time go from the Island of Monte Cristo to Bastia, a distance of 80 kms which he should be doing in a bit less of 24 h depending on the streams.

While waiting this summer, and in order to train, Thierry will be doing the tour of the lake of Bourget at Aix-les-Bains, close to 35 Km.

Good luck dear Friend ….

Team eHWR.