Exploit réalisé
Achieved the April 8, 2006

The crossing of the English Channel in paramotor

  • Discipline : Aerial sport > Paramotor
  • Disability : Paraplegic
  • Set by : Thierry Gérome
  • Nationality : Belgian
  • Location : La Manche

The crossing of the English Channel in paramotor was carried out in 2006 to raise funds for the benefit of a charitable organization CAP 48.

Leaving from the English coasts to reach the beaches of Calais and then to join Koxide, it was very difficult for the two-seater paramotors to take-off since they were heavily laden with petrol and video equipments.

On board were Jean Claude Fortemps and Thierry Gérôme. The crossing went well without any problem except a side wind which involved an over consumption of the engines and a just landing on the beaches of Calais.

A gust of wind turned over the paramotor on the ground before dragging it on 30 meters. After refuelling, all the crews could join Koxide.

Pictures of the feat