World Record
Achieved the August 21, 2009

Tandem skydive for the youngest blind girl

  • Discipline : Aerial sport > Skydiving
  • Disability : Total Blindness
  • Set by : Alexia GONSIOR
  • Nationality : French
  • Location :

Scorching heat started to settle around 10 am over the Pujaut airfield.
About 40 impatient spectators were waiting.
Amongst them, friends, family, skydivers and the media, for once not too blasé.
She landed at 11.21, on her feet, in front of her instructor. It was indeed a tandem dive.
12 year-old Alexia, the youngest blind skydiver, has acheived her challenge.
Enthousiast cheers emerge from the crowd as her dead eyes cry with joy, tears running down to her pretty camouflage jumpsuit.
She took off from 4200m.
3000 meters of freefall in less than 60 esconds, reaching speeds of 252km/h.
The chute opened at 1200m, glided for 6mn, and Alexia guided it on the verbal instructions of Marc for the final approach.
Marc Bonneau, her instructor, is specialized in tandem dives with handicaped people.
Special thanks to the “Toujours plus haut” association who sponsored the challenge,
Air Loisir and its instructor Marc Bonneau, as well as to the media that covered the event.

Pictures of the record