Exploit réalisé
Achieved the August 25, 2006

Swim across Sète

  • Discipline : Aquatics sport > Swimming
  • Disability : Paraplegic
  • Set by : Delphine Le Sausse
  • Nationality : French
  • Location : Sète

In August 2005, I got involved in a great adventure. Some swimmers of the swimming pool where I enjoyed to go, started to compliment me on my style and proposed me to swim across Sète.

It is an open waters swimming race long of 1800 metres, which counts for the classification of the French Cup. After a few tests in the swimming pool I thought I could make it and registered. But I did not take into account that the water temperature was of 16 degrees (much colder than in the swimming pool...) and that the current was much more changing too. But once the race started and despite the difficulties, I had just but one idea: finish it!

Thanks to Alain SCHERMESSER’s help who was swimming ahead of me, and thanks to some friends’ encouragements all along the race, I did not give up. Instead of the 50 minutes I thought it would take, I reached the finishing line after an hour and a half under the cheers of the crowd! What a pride of having overcome water, cold and currents...

Pictures of the feat