World Record
Achieved the May 9, 2015

Nathalie Cuny, 24-hour challenge

  • Discipline : Running > Course
  • Disability : Total blindness
  • Set by : NATHALIE CUNY
  • Nationality : French
  • Location : Promenade des Anglais de Nices
The blind athlete from Nice, Nathalie Cuny, who lost her record to Odile Hochard in June 2014 (161.3 kms run in the Puttelange Lakes 57 race), tried again, during the 2015 edition of the "24-hour challenge" in Nice, to take back her title. So there she was at the start on May 8th at 3 pm, in the gardens of the former outdoor theatre, in the midst of a group of able athletes, Nathalie with her 14 guides. At a rate of roughly 7 Km per hour, she arrived at the finishing post on Saturday, May 9th, breathless after a 166 kilometre race. It was not an easy race, and at the end of it, Nathalie was very happy to have succeeded in her challenge, pleased also that the record remained in France and particularly in Nice. Nathalie would like to thank her 14 guides for their assistance throughout this adventure. She was running for : the AVH, and Mozart. Nathalie finished 2nd in the competition, first female and first disabled athlete (male or female). For the record, the winner of the event, after 24 hours, had run no less than 168 kilometres. Nathalie will soon be back on the track for more marathon adventures.

Pictures of the record