World Record
Achieved the June 11, 2016

Odile continues to push the impossible ...

  • Discipline : Running > Course
  • Disability : Total blindness
  • Set by : Odile Hochard
  • Nationality : French
  • Location : Champigneullles (54250)
Success! We remember the last challenge and everything seems possible. Running over 170km seemed feasible at 24 Champigneulles but now from the start it’s raining dogs and cats, making at times the pitch impracticable. That rain lasts 5 hours and causes many dropouts, but I hold on. Nothing is pleasant; shoes that ooze, muscles grinning, burns under the arms, but I hold on! I have a team of my club around me, that heals me, encourages me, motivates me, I cannot disappoint them. I must go to the end in keeping the mind but in suffering. I exceed my last record for 3 km: 172,820km. I'm glad I ran in this wonderful park of the castle of Champigneulles, especially as everyone was running for the association against the "cystic fibrosis". It was magical and I thank my great team and the whole organization

Pictures of the record