World Record
Achieved the January 7, 2018

Road marathon world record by a blind person in complete autonomy, provided with a GPS application on smartphone, or similar device.

  • Discipline : Running > Marathon
  • Disability :
  • Set by : M. Clément GASS
  • Nationality :
  • Location :

On the Black Roads….


This 7th of January at Cernay-la-Ville, with a time of 4h24'27", I have beaten my own world record of on a marathon for blind people in autonomy, established unofficially in Colmar last September.

I had a white stick to check the ground and a GPS application on my smartphone to anticipate changes of directions.  This technique, more difficult and add about 1 MN/KM compared to the methodology using a peer but allows to run at the same level as a person that can see.

It is again the occasion to show that a blind person can be running alone if he has the right tools, and to lobby for an inclusive society where dealing of the handicap is more than showing compassion.

Clément Gass, a blind person, in full autonomy, with his cane and his GPS application for this marathon.

Pictures of the record