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Objective Rio Olympic Games

  • Discipline : Wheelchair sport > Wheelchair
  • Disability : Paraplegic
  • Set by : Emilie Chene
  • Nationality : French
  • Location : Rio

Life taught me it’s easier to overcome a difficulty if you turn it into an advantage. Make strength from your weaknesses. But also, life instils in me the importance of a strong ambition, to go to the end of the tether, to surpass oneself whatever happens, to live his envies, to have fun, to make your dreams come true. I always liked practising sports, grew up in Cholet, famous for its basketball team. I played basketball at a national level till I was 15. Becoming disable in a wheelchair, practising a sport was even more important to stay active, in a good shape and keep a strong moral. I started tennis in 2009 and set up the challenge of being selected for the Rio Olympic games. The adventure really began in 2011 when I joined my coach, Christel Abt, in the Gard to focus totally on my sport. Thanks to the unconditional support of Sodebo, my partner from scratch, I went round the globe during 4 years, visit the continents, play 3 world championships …at the search of the grail, being classified in the top 22 best tenniswomen to win my Rio selection. Self sacrifice, fighting spirit and generosity have been the key words of that adventure which led me on the surprising path of my personal wealth. I made my best to have no regrets. At the start of this adventure are obviously my passion for the sport, to kick the ball. But it’s really the match between my character and the values of the sport that have been the basis of my will to take up the challenge. Eventually, the goal isn’t achieved. My proud is undoubtedly my best classification, 23rd best tenniswomen and 10 international victories. Sometimes, you discover will isn’t sufficient meaning the adventure and learning were elsewhere. Eventually, the objective doesn’t matter, it’s the way you go through to reach your goal that counts the most.

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