Terms of use

Application of the terms of use

For the hereby terms of use, the association "Toujours plus haut" is mentioned below under the acronym EHWR, and the person that wants to attempt a record or a challenge is mentioned below as the "challenger".

The terms of use specify the general framework of the services offered on the website of Ehandicap world records.

The challenger declares to fulfil and to agree to the hereby terms of use.

Modification of the terms of use

The terms of use could be modified or completed at any time. The challenger has to follow the current terms of use at the moment of the submission of his file. The new terms of use will be in force only after the challenger is acquainted with them.


EHWR ratifies the challenges and the record set by the disabled.

The challenge attempt by the challenger is an action assessed with regard to himself.

The record is set in relation to objective criteria that allow us to declare whether a record has been broken or if a new record has been set.

First of all, the challenger has to submit his project in order to attempt a record or a challenge to EHWR. After the decision of the experts' committee, EHWR will pass on to the challenger the agreement or the disagreement over his project. In case of an agreement, after the record or the challenge is set and after checking the evidence, the challenge or the record will be ratified by EHWR.

EHWR is the only judge capable of ratifying a record or a challenge and of classifying this record or challenge. EHWR can refuse to ratify actions that seem to be obviously dangerous or conflicting with the respect of the human being in general and of the disabled in particular. These decisions do not have to be motivated.

EHWR can ask the challenger for a financial contribution in order to analyse and ratify his record or challenge.

This contribution is exclusively intended to the functioning of the association "Toujours plus haut" and will be the subject of a tax receipt.

Privacy policy purpose and the diffusion of the information

EHWR undertakes to keep confidential the information concerning the challenge or the record until the fulfilment of this one, except in the case of a special agreement from the challenger. After the fulfilment of the challenge or record, the information will be published on the EHWR's website. The challenger agrees to the free utilisation of the information concerning his record or challenge.

EHWR will mention on its website the characteristics of the record or challenge, as well as the name, the address and the telephone number of the person who set it. On top of that, photos, videos and complementary information may be published. EHWR is given the discretionary assessment as regards to this possibility.


The challenger must be over 18 years old and considers himself capable to attempt a challenge or record.

The fulfilment of the challenge or record is exclusively within the challenger's province and field. The challenge or record is fulfilled under his entire responsibility. At any time EHWR is not the originator of records or challenges that it ratifies. EHWR cannot be hold responsible for any damages to the challenger or a third party that could result from the challenge or record.

The agreement of the experts' committee concerns only the verification of the project's conformity as regards to ethical and legal criteria defined by EHWR.

Applicable law

The present terms of use are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with the French law.

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