Expert's college


  • Dr. Jean Florent : surgeon and former house surgeon in the hospitals of Paris, medical consultant.
  • Dr. Jean-Marc Laporte : doctor and former anaesthetist, medical consultant and consultant for gliding and running.
  • Dr. Dominique Desmazures : Radiologist, medical consultant.
  • Dr Pierre Bertrand : Ophtalmologist, medical consultant and Trekking and Mountain Bike consultant.
  • Dr Hubert Spaczck : Gastro-Enterologist, medical consultant and consultant for running and the marathon.
  • Vincent Quéau : Occupational therapist, expert in artificial limbs, orthopaedics, prosthetics, medical consultant and technical aids.


  • Maître François Gras-Diard : Layor, legal consultant.
  • Alain Amar : Police captain, legal consultant and consultant in cycling, running and badminton.
  • Maître Jean-Baptiste BOREL : Solicitor, legal consultant and motor sports consultant.
  • Hervé Marcotte Ruffin : bailiff in Calais, former president of  Calais basketball club. Basketball consultant.
  • Alain Marécaux : Bailiff in Calais, horse-riding consultant.


  • Serge Gaerni : Airline pilot, former fighter pilot, aviation and golf consultant
  • Jean Andrieu : Pilot instructor, former fighter pilot, aviation and pentathlon consultant.
  • Yohann Taberlé : Paraplegic, member of the French Handicap skiing, Selected in the Turin 2006 Paralympics. Ski mountaineering consultant.
  • Delphine Le Sausse : Paraplegic, disabled Water-Skiing World Champion for figures and slaloms. Member of the French National Water-Skiing and Alpine Skiing Team. Expert for these two disciplines, as well as for swimming.
  • Patrick Goudot : In charge of the innovation's department at Urgo, he is the consultant for cycling. Suffering from a complete visual disability, he is member of the regional team of wheelchair athletes in the department of the Côte d'Or.
  • Emilie Chene : Paraplegic, tennis consultant, member of the handisport French tennis team.

  • Last, but not least, the three founding members: Benjamin Blanc, Luc Costermans and Jean-Yves Borel.