your challenge

  1. Adventures begining : join us !

    Although some exceptions may apply, you have to contact us before trying to set a record. Ehandicap World Records is indeed the only judge of this kind of challenge or record that can attest to the necessary conditions for the ratification. It is important that we are aware of your project so as to have it recognised by our experts' committee if it is necessary.

    To have your challenge recognised, you have to submit your application online.

  2. The processing of your file : some days of patience

    Following your submission online, we will examine your file within three weeks (if the deadline is to be exceeded, you will be personally notified). You will then receive our agreement with, if it is the case, our advice to follow in order to have your challenge ratified later.

  3. The challenge: it is up to you !

    Now you are free to attempt your challenge in the best conditions. However, you have to collect the documents and the accounts allowing you to offer proof of the fulfilment of your record. You have to comply with what was planned in your file and, if it is the case, the recommendations mentioned in our agreement.

  4. The ratification: it is up to us.

    As soon as we receive the documents proving the fulfilment of your challenge, we check its content and we send you a certificate of ratification with our congratulations. We undertake to mention your accomplishment on our website in the appropriate category.