Expert qualified

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Expert qualified

One of our experts, Yohann Taberlé, specialist of achievements on snow, has been qualified for the winter paralympic games in Vancouver.
Jean Yves Le Meurs, whom we mentioned in our challenge section when he climbed the Mont Blanc, will also be part of the journey to represent France at these winter games.

e-Handicap-World-Records wishes all athletes great winter games

The association para side racing team

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The association para side racing team

The association para side racing team opened its doors in 2008 in order to understand the government and the French Motorcycle Federation (FFM) that a driver with a physical disability may satisfy his passion for motor sports at the same like any other able-bodied person.
Our association is open to any driver disabled (paraplegic, amputation etc ...), who validated his motorcycle license, and willing to engage in competition, whatever the field (motorcycle solo track, rally, sidecar speed of trial or cross)
physical disability should not be a handicap in the competition ! THE COMPETITION FOR ALL, that is our motto! And we hope many of you follow us in this new adventure.
If you are a disabled driver and motivated contact us for more information. Denis will continue our historic pilot to show his skills in the championship of France Rally, but we hope many of us.

Denis participates championships France rallies road side car category. Denis shows every rally he is as capable as a valid driver's arranged for ZX12R disability (paraplegia).

Arnaud, left femoral cut, began competing in the category sidecar trial

Thierry Pichon paraplegic involved in sidecar racing speed (Basset)

Have members of your family, friend (s) with disabilities who dream of motorcycle competitions, do not tell them it's impossible. The side-PARA-RACING-TEAM is proof

See you soon
The team PSRT

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