At arm's length ...

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At arm's length ...

Crédit photo : Le Courrier Franç

Aged 44, Marc Chaumont, this paraplegic Luçonnais has set himself a challenge: swimming between La Tranche-sur-Mer and the island of Ré.

In April 2017, Marc had an accident.

I received two 800 kg formwork benches on me. I woke up from a coma after 24 days and became aware of the lack of sensitivity in my legs, my spinal cord was severed in two places.

From the rehabilitation, I wanted to swim, succeeding was a real relief, when I swim, I am like everyone else, my disability is no longer visible. Since I can't work anymore, I want to do other things. My project is the swimming crossing from La Tranche-sur-Mer to the island of Ré. If I'm able to swim, just swim for a long time! Philippe Croizon encouraged me”. 

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