A new challenge for Philippe CROIZON and Arnaud CHASSERY

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After their Channel crossing in September 2010, our two extreme swimmers have decided to get together and to link up the five continents swimming, over four months.
From May 6th – May 19th 2012, they will swim from Oceania to Asia by going from Papua New Guinea to Indonesia.
From June 7th – June 15th, the Asia-Africa link will be from Jordan to Egypt.
From July 9th – 18th, Africa-Europe via the Gibraltar Straits.
And from August 3rd – 19th, 2012, the pair will finish up their world tour by swimming in the freezing waters of the Arctic Ocean (the Bering Strait), from America to Asia.
By the end of their expedition, they will have swum a total distance of no less than 85 kilometers, more than 45 hours of effort, sometimes having to battle against strong currents which hinder their progress, in waters ranging from very warm (up to 27°C in the Red Sea) to freezing (between 0° and 3° in the Arctic Ocean).

We wish them all the best of luck, and will be following their progress throughout.

If you would like to follow them from day to day, as we will be doing, click on the link :

And, for a presentation of the circuit :