Climbing a Hong Kong skyscraper in its armchair.

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Climbing a Hong Kong skyscraper in its armchair.

Lai Chi-wai became the first to climb more than 250 meters of a Hong Kong skyscraper... wheelchairs. Goal of this feat? Raising funds for patients with bone marrow trauma.

On January 16, 2021, sitting in her wheelchair, Lai Chi-wai  prepares to climb to the top of a Hong Kong skyscraper with the sheer force of her arms. But after ten hours, still 70 meters from the summit, he was forced to give up for security reasons. "I was very scared," said the 37-year-old Chinese paraplegic climber. "When I climb a mountain, I can cling to rocks or small holes, but with glass, I can only really count on the rope I cling to." This performance, which aimed to raise funds for patients with spinal cord injuries, raised the equivalent of $670,639.


Source: January, 2021